Parenteral Nutrition

Parenteral nutrition is a method of receiving nutrition into body through veins. Various Methods of delivering parenteral nutrition are there which are helpful in transportation of nutrients such as sugar, carbohydrates, proteins and trace elements to the body. These nutrients are important in maintaining high energy, hydration, and strength. Some people only need to get certain types of nutrients intravenously as they are suffering from various diseases like Cohn’s disease, ischemic bowel disease etc. Some side effects are also there e.g. changes in heartbeat, confusion, convulsions or seizures, difficulty breathing, fast weight gain or weight loss, fatigue, fever or chills, increased urination, jumpy reflexes, memory loss, muscle twitching, weakness, or cramps, stomach pain, vomiting.

  • Methods of delivering parenteral nutrition
  • Different systems for parenteral nutrition
  • Pharmaceutical side of parenteral nutrition
  • Parenteral Nutrition and Admixture
  • Metabolic complications of parenteral nutrition
  • Parenteral Drug Discovery
  • Composition of nutritional admixtures

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