Nutrition in Cancer Treatment

Nutrition critically helps in the recovery of cancer patients. Clinical studies have highlighted the Importance of Nutrition in Cancer CareClinical nutrition plays an important part in keeping healthy nutrition balance in patients. Cancer treatment can affect one's diet, and dietary changes can deteriorate other treatment related symptoms. For example, cancer patients who experience chemosensory modifications, distorted taste, and increased sensitivity to smells because of the cancer itself or as a side effect of treatment those are more prone to higher levels of weight loss, decreased energy intake, and poorer quality of life. An unexpectedly high number of patients undergoing cancer treatment report alterations to their sense of taste & smell. It has been estimated that if diet, physical activity and weight management are compounded together then 30% of the cancers could be prevented.

  • Importance of Nutrition in Cancer Care
  • Nutrition Therapy for Cancer Patient
  • Nutrition and Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers
  • Dietetics During Cancer Treatment
  • Nutrition After Treatment Ends
  • Advances in Cancer Research
  • Gene-Nutrient Interactions

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